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Our Rattan mirrors: a wide choice of Rattan mirrors at the best prices

Discover our wide selection of rattan mirrors at the best price, to embellish your interior with care. These wicker mirrors will decorate your living room, bedroom or kitchen. And moreover, the delivery is free, take advantage of it!

Gilbert Poillerat, a renowned decorator in the 1940s, a introduced the rattan mirror for the first time. It decorates all the walls of the house while at first, it decorated only the living room. Why choose a mirror and how to decorate the house with it?

Why adopt a rattan mirror?

It is also called a sun mirror. It is a decorative item with a retro look, but elegant at the same time. All of a sudden, the wall decoration becomes more attractive with a little wink. Its sun shape naturally warms up the atmosphere in the house.

The rattan mirror a has been a great success because of its particularity of being able to invite itself in all styles. It integrates well with the decorations trends of the moment and also the atmospheres that prevail in the interior. Whether it is a Scandinavian design or the exotic style, everything matches well with it.

In addition, it a different models: sun, round, square, rectangular, oval, flowered ... That's why this decorative item is so attractive. It naturally radiates the interior of each house that adopts it.

How to decorate your home with a rattan mirror?

At the beginning, it a was built by metals like copper or steel. Today, there a other materials that come into play for its manufacture: rattan, wicker or wood. But the rattan style is the most adopted at the moment. Hence the name rattan mirror or wicker mirror.

It is because of these materials that they adapt to any type of interior design. It is also called wicker mirror because of its raw material: wicker. The mirror enriches the decoration of every room in the house. It is the perfect combination of the useful and the pleasant. Moreover, it does not choose a place: bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom... It is there to marvel at each stage of the day.

Mirrors are one of the decorative objects that give life to the interior of every home. It is used for dressing, make-up and viewing the interior of the house. The choice is not easy among the different types of mirrors on the market. But the sunshine mirror is indeed the best choice to make the interior decoration look amazing from day to day.