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Spots LED extérieur

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Our Spotlights outdoor LED and Spotlight outdoor LED lighting at the best prices

Enjoy the best of LED technology by lighting your driveway, garage or garden with our wide collection of outdoor LED lights Spotlights . Low energy consumption, this type of lighting a also has the gift of dressing up the landscape by its exceptional design.

Opting for LED technology is an excellent choice for lighting because of its many advantages.

First, it is energy efficient since its output is higher, 40 to 100 Lumens/Watt, unlike incandescent lighting which converts nearly 90% of the energy into heat rather than light, hence its low output (15 to 25 lumens/watt). Secondly, it has a longer lifespan, with some models lasting up to 50,000 hours. It does not emit UV rays that damage and harm colors and materials. Finally, the technology offers better beam accuracy.

With such advantages, the discovery of LED technology a earned the Nobel Prize in 2014.

Features of Spotlights Outdoor LED

The Spotlight LED outdoor light comes in several models to fit with any type of environment. We a models to be pricked and the orientable models to develop the massifs or to mark out a way, the wall models to embellish the frontages with the fallen night and of course the built-in models which are intended to create an environment.

For this purpose, there are 2 types of Spotlight outdoor LED recessed lights. The models to be embedded in the wall or ceiling and the models to be embedded in the ground. The recessed models are often used to indicate a position, a path. For example, we can install a Spotlight recessed above the entrance door or install several lights to delimit the steps of stairs. There are a also Spotlights recessed LED color lights used for decorative purposes, especially when the place regularly hosts parties and events.

These outdoor LED lights have the advantage of being embedded in any materials such as concrete and wood. You just need to choose Spotlights which are more resistant, such as those with tempered glass or stainless steel head. It is also necessary to check the IP or protection index of the material. With IP 65 or 67, your Spotlights LED recessed lights will be safe from weather and shock.