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The warm but subdued light provided by the most trendy wall lamps living room wall lamps promotes a relaxing atmosphere in this living room. Discover our wide selection.

The style of lighting differs from room to room in a flat. While the kitchen requires more intense lighting, the living room requires a more subdued light so that this living room is conducive to rest and relaxation. Discover on our website the new trends in shapes, materials and patterns ofwall lamps .

wall lamps living room walls with minimalist lighting

The trendy models of wall lamps are now available in minimalist forms, with a sober design. These include rounded, square and oval shapes with various motifs such as bowler hats, umbrellas, figures, leaves or plant petals... If it is for general lighting, the light intensity should be strong. On the other hand, to obtain a warm, muted, but no less welcoming atmosphere, the soft, subdued light of ourwall lamps models will be just the thing to enhance the interior decoration and the cosy character of your living room. For optimal aesthetics, opt for a light, subdued light that is targeted to reflect on dark walls.

As for the shapes, rustic, antique, contemporary or futuristic styles give a chic elegance to the living room. As for materials, there is a wide choice between glass, wood and metal. For a rustic style, copper, aluminium or silver harmonise with all the wall tones and will give an aura of targeted light in the room. Glass and wood, on the other hand, are just as functional as they are beautiful.

Advice on choosing and using wall lamps

For more aesthetics and design, wall lamps living room wall lamps with a top and bottom opening, like an open cylindrical tube, will look great and reflect the light better. Also, choose models that create magical light effects on the walls. As for the bulbs, LEDs will give you ideal lighting while being economical and will avoid leaving dark spots on the walls as would traditional incandescent bulbs. The choice should also be made for lighting fixtures whose design is adapted to the style of the room and furniture, so that they blend in perfectly with the surroundings while being discreet and visible at the same time.