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Our Decoration : large collections of design interior decorations at the best prices

Dare to decorate with contrasts. Mix styles between: rugs, a wall clock, vases and a mirror among others. Interior decoration is a matter of feeling, let your desires guide you, not just the decoration magazines.

The interior decoration represents the personality of the inhabitant of the place. Let yourself be tempted by your favourite decorative objects. You can harmonise the whole with a transitional element such as an industrial-style wall clock.

Interior design in all its forms

A successful interior decoration is one that is visible and noticeable. Don't hesitate to mix materials. The stone fountain goes very well with the large vase on the floor, as well as with the industrial or vintage wall clock. Iron, stone and even plastic go well together, especially for a design décor.

Take your time to examine the different decorative objects presented on our site and make your choice. You can print them out to combine them more naturally and better visualise them in their decor. Design decoration stands out from those of your neighbours or friends because of your centrepiece around which you build your own universe. This can be colourful or made of various materials. This dominant piece is the carpet, the wall clock or the fountain, and it should serve as a pivot, with the other objects revolving around it. Each decorative piece adds something to the other.

Use the colour palette for your interior design

For a rustic, old-fashioned style, use bright colours here and there: a red vase on the pedestal table or an apple green frame for the hallway mirror. They will give your interior a boost without changing its soul. For a more modern, contemporary or even designer style, use a number of colours that work well together. For a bohemian style, use pendant lights and natural materials such as rattan, linen, cotton, raffia and stone, while remaining in natural or neutral colours. The loft or industrial style plays on black, silver and gold, into which colour is injected by projection, like this graphic painting with bright pigments.

Take advantage of the different sizes of rugs to buy two, a large one for the dining room, and a smaller one as a reminder for the living room. Look out for the different colours and more or less graphic styles in our online shop. You will save money by ordering them on our website, knowing that delivery is free. All of our products feature beautiful finishes and high quality.