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Indispensable for efficient and modern lighting, Spotlights and projectors will illuminate your interior with class and elegance. Whether you are looking for a Spotlight , an LED spotlight or a halogen spotlight, visit our dedicated category to find what you are looking for.

Today, lighting is an element to consider when decorating a house or flat. There is a multitude of lighting fixtures that you can integrate into your interior, but on the market, they sell better. Indeed, the latter have the trendy lights and in the collection, there are a for all tastes and styles. To make your choice, you should focus on the Spotlights and on the use you plan for this lighting.

The bulb of the Spotlight or projector

When you are particularly attracted to a Model from Spotlight , you need to look at the type of bulb it is fitted with. The bulb can be halogen, compact fluorescent, classic LED, SMD LED or power LEDD. The Spotlight with a halogen bulb offers a warmer lighting atmosphere and quality lighting and this type of Spotlight is still the cheapest on the market. However, it is not very popular, as it consumes a lot of energy. Compact fluorescent bulbs consume less energy and still provide satisfactory lighting. The Spotlights LED bulbs are the most popular on the market and are distinguished by their energy saving properties. Their price is still quite high.

Use of Spotlights or projectors

To make the right choice, you need to define in advance how you intend to use the product. Spotlight. If the light is only to be used for reading, it is better to choose a Spotlight . For more light on a work surface or on the desk, you should take bars from Spotlights. These even offer the possibility of directing the light as you wish. If the Spotlight is used to illuminate an entire room, one Spotlight will not be enough. You can find compound models on the market that form a ceiling light, cable models or track models that are more suitable for general lighting.

The Spotlights for flush mounting or recessed mounting

These are the most popular types of lighting today and are highly valued for their invisibility and versatility. The installation of a Spotlight requires some minor work, as it is recessed into the support, which is what makes it invisible, yet you will have a better diffusion of light. A Spotlight recessed light can be chosen as accent lighting, especially to highlight a painting or an object. Recessed lighting models can also be used as general lighting and this set of lights can provide a contemporary atmosphere. If you want to create a path of light in the hallway or in the garden, these recessed luminaires can also be used for this purpose. Whether in the living room, the kitchen or the bathroom, the Spotlights will find their place perfectly.