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Our pendant lights lights and pendant lights at the best prices

Optimize the ambiance of the rooms in your home by adopting the appropriate lighting. At the same time decorative and functional, the pendant lights are modernised and are now available in various styles in order to orient the brightness according to your needs.

As ceiling fixtures, pendant lights are the accessories of choice for successfully decorating and lighting your rooms. rooms. Today, it's possible to find the pendant light design or vintage classic that will add real character to your interior design. is possible.

You can visit Lumeers , which stocks a range of pendant lights models at unbeatable prices to satisfy pendant light design, pendant light industrial, pendant light contemporary, pendant light LED, pendant light You're sure to find the right lighting for the right lighting at the right price.

Our pendant lights for successful interior design

Simple and attractive, our pendant lights are available in several models, so that everyone can find the lighting ideal for your living space. Our attractively-priced pendant lights designs provide even, efficient lighting to meet your every need. A wide range of materials is used to create our original and highly decorative pendant lights . Your pendant light LED can be made of copper, brass, aluminum, wood, fabric, smoked glass, tempered glass, crystal or paper.

To help you choose your pendant light for the living room, dining room or bathroom, a wide range of colours is also available: black, green, violet, white, grey, etc. colors: black, green, violet, white, gray, etc. Neutral shades of gold, silver and copper are also used for some of our pendant lights products. Depending on the mood you want to create in your living space, you can finally choose at the best price a pendant light design or classic flower-shaped, with glass ball or metal cone. From pendant lights design or LED lamps in round, long or oval shapes are also available from our lighting stock.

At Lumeers, all combinations of colors, shapes and materials are possible to make your lighting at pendant light an authentic decorative object. You'll love our superb pendant lights colored with playful playful shapes, our timeless pendant lights LED cylinder tubes or our magnificent pendant lights LED wood and aluminum cones. cone shapes.

Choose pendant lights from the expertise of talented designers to light your space. The pendant light design vintage American chrome ball, the pendant light cylindrical wood and metal ball in Wood or the pendant light design in Modern are among our most popular items.

Which pendant lights for your interior design style?

Thanks to Lumeers , you can find the lighting in pendant light design or classic that matches decorating spirit of your space. For a Scandinavian style, geometric pendant lights in crystal, glass or white wood are a real eye-catcher in any room. For an industrial interior, we also have pendant lights at very good prices. made of metal or wood. These high-decorative lighting items are most often in black and cool and cool shades to give your living environment a Loft effect.

The pendant light smoked glass design Vintage is an example of the industrial-style lighting on our site that has become a great success. Another example is the pendant light design in retro Botimi metal. For a contemporary contemporary or modern style, our pendant lights LEDs in neutral tones and rectangular, rounded or slender shapes are a must-have. must-have. The preferred materials for our modern pendant lights at an attractive price are glass and crystal. The pendant lights design with adjustable Spotlight are also very aesthetic and pleasant to install in a modern interior. modern interior.

For a bohemian or Mediterranean-style interior, turn to pendant lights in warm, cheerful colors. colors. Wood and fabric are the best choices here. Our stock of of pendant lights for Mediterranean style, the pendant light Wicker paper ball. Whatever your interior style, trust us to find the best value for money pendant light design or classic.

Which lamps to choose for your room pendant light

Because of their eye-catching aesthetics, pendant lamps are also very often used to decorate ceilings. For your home, pendant light can be installed :

  • at staircase level,
  • at the entrance,
  • in the corridor,
  • in the room,
  • in the living room,
  • in the bathroom.

It all depends on your decorative imagination. For your living room, you'll need to choose pendant lights in a size that matches the volume to the volume of the space to be fitted out.

Depending on the desired level of brightness, you can choose the ideal number of pendant light design lamps to install. lamps. Several pendant lights lamps with shades placed in strategic locations in the living room provide for a cosy atmosphere. Our pendant lights with lampshade lamps can also be used to replace conventional lamps in the bedroom.

The trendy decorating idea of the moment is to equip the bedroom with lamps made of pendant light paper or fabric to create a natural, relaxing space. natural, relaxing space. In the bathroom, choose a pendant light that's discreet but still has a powerful lighting. For your kitchen, glass fixtures with metal reflectors are effective and very elegant.

Choose the diameter of your pendant lamp

Whether it's a pendant light design, modern LED or pendant lamp, choosing the right diameter will ensure the best visual effect for the installation. visual effect when installed. For rooms of less than 15 m², pendant lamps should ideally be between 30 cm and 40 cm in diameter. For rooms between 15 and 30 m², pendant light lamps with a diameter of 45 to 55 cm are recommended. For very large rooms, the ideal accessory diameter is between 60 and 70 cm.

Which bulbs to choose from pendant light

You need to pay attention to the color of the bulbs to create the right atmosphere in your room. In the bedroom, living room or dining room, a pendant lamp giving off a warm white light white light. For the bathroom, kitchen and other domestic work or storage areas pendant lights producing a cool white light are the best choice. You can opt for compact fluorescent bulbs, halogen bulbs or conventional incandescent lamps.

For the best energy savings and long-lasting operation, our pendant lights LEDs are an excellent choice. The vast majority of products in our stock are equipped with LED bulbs bulbs available at low prices. If you'd like to easily adjust the intensity of light in the room, we also have some some pendant lights products with touch-sensitive dimmers. Come and buy your pendant light at the best price, in the style that suits you, and have it delivered as soon as possible.