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Our carpets : large choice of design carpets at the best prices

Are you looking for a carpet? Discover our wide range of designs, which are available in several shapes, materials and colours, in order to find the one that suits you best, that matches the colours and the room in which it is placed.

Choose your rug from the vast choice we offer: berber, scandinavian, shaggy, modern, vintage or geometric, you will fall for comfortable products that will bring a warm tone to your home. Whatever the room, you will find kitchen rugs, living room rugs, bedroom rugs or even >bath rugsa>.

Their advantage is that they can be multiplied in your interior and present in several rooms. You can select items in different styles, colours or materials.

A wide range of high quality carpets

We offer a wide range of products for many different tastes and uses. Shapes, sizes, styles, materials - you will find the product(s) of your dreams. In a living room, at the foot of a bed, in a bathroom or in a corridor, these textiles are essential. They allow you to personalise each room in your home. Most of our products are rectangles, but some rounds are also available. The products are available in many sizes to fit your rooms and furniture precisely.

Different types of carpets: Berber, shaggy, Scandinavian and many more

Berber rugs are an immediate invitation to travel. They bring a nomadic spirit into the home. With light colours and very thick, they are a favourite in living rooms.

Scandinavian rugs favour geometric shapes and optical effects. They enlarge the rooms of the house.

We continue with shaggy rugs which are rather thick and ultra comfortable textiles. They provide a cocooning atmosphere and are reserved for living rooms and bedrooms. You will love to sit on them to rest, read or play. Their softness is comforting.

Modern carpets are printed with ultra-contemporary or even abstract patterns. They are inspired by photography and modern painting. They are influenced by cubism (geometric shapes), abstraction or impressionism. Floral and animal motifs are also numerous on the moderns: leaves, huge palm leaves, flowers, feathers,... Colour floods some items and will project light onto your walls.

Vintage carpets will bring their retro charm and will match the furniture of the same style.

Finally, geometric carpets ensure rigour thanks to their regular and linear shapes.

We also offer very useful doormats for the entrance of your home.
All our products are of high quality and comply with European standards. Finally, delivery is free on our site and many promotions are valid throughout the year. So don't hesitate any longer, come and discover our numerous products available on our site.