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The dining room is the ultimate reception room: it is where you will welcome your guests around a good meal. It is therefore important to decorate and light it well. With the wide range of dining room lighting, it is not always easy to make a choice.

It is important to install a lighting above the dining table to provide visual ease during the meal. This installation will also create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere around the table. To do this, you can take a pendant light classic or a pendant light in a cluster. Opt for a pendant light with curves if you have a round table and a pendant light with linear shapes if you have a rectangular or square table. You can also choose the chandelier to light your dining room, especially if you have a simpler and more classic decoration in the room. This chandelier with all the elements that make it up is a decorative element in its own right. For the placement of these dining room lights, you need to refer to the table: the pendant light or the chandelier should be centered and installed at about 90cm above the table. There are a also Floor lamps and wall lamps wall lights that you can choose for dining room lighting. These dining room lights are to be installed a little further from the table and you should also reinforce them with other light sources to keep a warm atmosphere in the room.

Accent lighting in the dining room

In addition to the general lighting, you can allow yourself to add other light sources in the dining room. These will create a warm and friendly atmosphere. For their installation, you must distribute them in the dining room and do not focus only on the table. If you have taken a classic pendant light for example, you can add one or two wall wall lamps or Spotlights . For a large dining room, you should think of multiplying the light sources with Floor lamps or lamps to be put on the furniture. To highlight the other furniture in this room, take a light garland.