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Don't leave your office in the dark anymore. As well as being useful for lighting the workplace, desk lamps can be a true reflection of the owner's personality.

Just like our mattress or our television set, the purchase of a desk lamp is not a trivial act dictated by the inspiration and desire of the moment. A In the age of home working, this ergonomic object must contribute to well-being in the professional environment and to visual health. So, to work in complete serenity and in optimal conditions of comfort, it is important to take into account several criteria before purchasing one.

Combining style and comfort with a desk lamp

A stylish accessory in our daily activity, we must first consider the use we intend to make of it: rather a decorative element in a corner of the living room, in the same colour as the sofa, or rather the perfect equipment for a professional designer? Several designs are proposed from a purely aesthetic point of view, but it is preferable to have one that can be adapted to our needs, and to our visual comfort, and that can be manipulated as we wish: with a flexible arm, adjustable height, and equipped with a well-balanced base, an intensity regulator and a good length of power cable. The best models are those that are well articulated, do not clutter up the workspace and are just right for reading, writing or drawing.

Desk lamps: lighting and eye health

To avoid damaging our eyes, it is always advisable to have a desk lamp in addition to the general lighting. Depending on the activity: for drawing, for looking at the smallest details, or for reading and writing, the right light source should be chosen: fluorescent, halogen, LED or incandescent lamp. However, it is preferable to choose a lamp with a light beam that is not too dazzling and to always use it with ceiling lighting to avoid the contrast of light with darkness, which is very harmful to visual health. It is also not advisable to look at your computer screen, without a desk lamp nearby, to avoid damaging the retina and disturbing your sleep.

Different models of desk lamps

The LED lamp is the best product currently on the market as it is the most environmentally friendly and economical, with accurate lighting, albeit at a fairly high price. Less economical than the LED lamp, the halogen lamp is recommended for specialised professions as it reproduces colours accurately. The fluorescent lamp is more economical than the halogen lamp and provides a very powerful light when it reaches its maximum intensity.

Beyond the decorative aspect, a desk lamp should offer all the necessary functionality and provide functional lighting that is suitable for our working environment and eye health. Since eyesight and the need for light vary with age, the lamp should be chosen with the user in mind. Wherever possible, professional advice should be sought.