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And what if you were to finally fall for the modern lighting of your dreams? Whether it's made of crystal, aluminium or even rattan, this lighting is as graceful as it is indispensable. Without it, your living room and dining room will look very poor.

All interior designers know that a well-chosen modernwall lamp can easily change the atmosphere of a room. However, in order to create a "wow" effect, certain rules must be respected...

Which modern lighting to install in living rooms

Living room, dining room and kitchen are the spaces where all the members of your little tribe interact. Over a lovingly cooked meal or in front of a B-movie, you enjoy being with your loved ones. When choosing your lighting, take into account the specificities of each of these rooms.

In the living room, for example, you can opt for a modern ceiling lamp that adds a touch of sophistication while providing plenty of light. Therefore, in addition to a beautiful ceiling light with an imposing stature, you should add a few wall lamps wall or floor lamps.

In the dining room, the equation is completely different. To ensure that your guests have proper but not blinding lighting, it is recommended to opt for diffused light. In fact, the pendant light modern lamps with multiple arms or that stretch out in length are perfect for this space.

The last living area is the kitchen. Here, the key word is homogeneity. To ensure that your food is cooked without any problems, the light must be powerful without creating shadows. This is why it is best to opt for ceiling lights or pendant lights.

Which modern lighting to install in a room

Adults, teenagers and children have different needs in terms of lighting. When an adult comes home from work, he or she only wants one thing: to rest. To achieve this, he or she will avoid direct lighting and will prefer to use lighting fixtures covered with fabrics.

The teenager, on the other hand, does not see things in the same light. His room is more than a place to rest. He receives his friends there, revises his lessons, plays videos... It's like a mini-apartment to which only he has the key. So it's only natural that he would appreciate the powerful light emitted by a modern chandelier.

For younger children, it is advisable to combine strong light sources with softer ones. To create a fairytale atmosphere, install LED bulbs in friendly shapes here and there. Cute bears, dancing fairies and smiling clouds will feed the dreams of your little ones with heavenly images.

From now on, you have all the keys in hand to light your home the way it should be. Whether you need to illuminate a living room, a dining room, a kitchen or a bedroom, you can no longer make mistakes. Philippe Starck isa ...