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From warm wood designs and art glass to a variety of metallic looks, the modern chandelier comes in a wide range of innovative styles, shapes and materials. Whatever the design, each shares a commitment to the pure, the fresh and the contemporary.

The modern chandelier is the perfect way to dress up your home. Discover our distinct collection of modern chandeliers for all tastes. It is one of the best lights to use in your home. It is much more preferable than other lighting.

Whether you want to add splendor to your hallway with a modern crystal chandelier or a dining room chandelier to light up your table, a beautiful modern chandelier can easily change the centre of a room or a modern accent to highlight your overall design. They can brighten up a space or add a warm ambiance that has been missing since you moved into your home. Not sure what contemporary chandeliers you are looking for? No problem, here are some popular types of contemporary chandeliers.

What are the different types of chandeliers?

Modern crystal chandeliers

A contemporary or modern crystal chandelier adds a touch of glam to a room. Unlike the traditional variety, a contemporary crystal chandelier features elegant shapes and designs, including straight lines and star patterns. Contemporary and modern crystal chandeliers can be any style of chandelier (drum, mini, etc). This style lends itself to being used in a space that can accommodate a large contemporary chandelier, as its design and mood is bold. Crystal chandeliers not only represent luxury and class, but they also make an impressive impression in the entrance, hall or living room.

Modern drum chandelier

A drum chandelier has a closed central shape, often cylindrical. Drum chandeliers often have a wide circular band like the one shown on the left, but they can also be rectangular in shape or even have very thin bands that do not block the bulbs. They also vary in contemporary chandelier sizes from small to large, making them a popular choice for use throughout the modern home.

Modern LED chandelier

As the name suggests, a modern LED chandelier is a chandelier run by an LED bulb. These LED chandeliers are perfect for large dining rooms that need more lighting and are classified as modern dining room chandeliers. Modern LED chandeliers are the perfect complement to small spaces. They provide ample lighting and are a great accessory to decorate your modern decor. These modern LED chandelier lighting options are perfect for a home or large flat that a needs more lighting.

Contemporary candle chandelier

These decorative chandeliers combine traditional style in a new way. Modern candle style chandeliers are usually lit with candles or electric bulbs instead of candlesticks like the medieval style candleholders. Although some still have candle holders, the electronic versions are much safer as they are not a fire hazard. Whether you choose an electric or real candle version, they are both great for creating a warm atmosphere in any room. They certainly add a touch of glamour to your dining room.