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Our outdoor lanterns: large choice of outdoor lanterns at the best prices

Nowadays, having a nice garden or a beautiful terrace to welcome our friends has become as important as the interior design. It is therefore necessary to choose the right outdoor lighting. Discover our choice of outdoor lanterns.

For many years,outdoor lighting a has evolved, especially with the invention of LEDs and solar energy, so it is important, before you decide, to qualify your needs. Multiple supports exist: outdoor lantern, wall lamps, Spotlights on the ground, luminous bollards and so on. You see, the choice is not lacking.

It is important to note that an lighting outdoor lantern must comply with serious safety standards, which is logical given its exposure to the elements. The first thing to check is that the outdoor lantern meets the IP65 standard. This standard indicates that your product is dustproof and waterproof (source: International Electrotechnical Commission).

Quality outdoor lanterns

Another important criterion for choosing an outdoorlighting is the alloys it is made of. These must be non-corrosive and it is preferable to choose materials such as stainless steel, especially if you are located by the sea. A rusty Spotlight can give a certain vintage charm but still!

Which outdoor lighting and for what purpose?

Whether you want to mark out your driveway or just give your terrace a warm and friendly atmosphere, this personal choice also imposes different criteria.

To highlight a driveway or a garage entrance, the best choice is Spotlights . There are several types: white, coloured, solar or LED. It all depends on your budget.

If you want to highlight a terrace with flowers or trees, you should turn to a system of ground lights or stakes. There are several playful models on the market in the form of butterflies, dragonflies, hearts and stars.

Warm lights are more recommended for convivial places (bar, tables...), the impression of being in a canteen room will be avoided!
The power must be medium otherwise glare is guaranteed.

Some tips for choosing your outdoor lantern

Outdoor lanterns are often known to be illuminated by a motion cell, but there is a twilight motion system. But what is this? In fact, it is enough that the light is weak and that a movement is detected so that it starts. From an economic point of view, it's great.

Let's not forget that solar light is still the most economical, ecological and autonomous option.