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Chandeliers are timeless fixtures that transform the interior of the house into a magical and fairytale world. If in the old days, they illuminated with candles or gas bulbs, they are today presented in a modern version: the chandeliers LED, combination between the traditional chandelier

Chandeliers are timeless lights that transform the interior of the house into a magical, fairy-tale world. In the past, they were lit by candles or gas bulbs, but today they are presented in a modern version: LED chandeliers, a combination of the traditional chandelier and contemporary lamps.

LED chandeliers for every style of house

There is a wide range of chandelier models on the market today. From Antiquity, through the Middle Ages, to Modern times, the appearance of this lighting a has been constantly revisited. Today it is presented in designs that combine the antique with the vintage and the modern. There are real works of art, sparkling sculptures, just as there are simple lighting fixtures. Some chandeliers have retained the look of the past, with the ornate crystal pendants and tassels that hang from the lamp. There are also Venetian-style LED chandeliers, with crystal branches terminated by LED bulbs of various shapes. The simplest lights are those shaped like an upside-down hot air balloon. They enclose the LED bulbs in this giant lampshade . The light obtained is filtered thanks to the small crystals embedded in the lighting.

Where and how to install a LED chandelier?

First of all, it should be remembered that the LED chandelier comes in different sizes. The size of lighting should be chosen according to the room where it is to be installed. The living room is the ideal place to place the chandelier. As a large room for guests, this lighting will be a most fascinating decoration that will catch the eye of the guests. Don't hesitate to choose the largest and most ornate chandelier for the ultimate in elegance and luxury. For the dining room or kitchen, there are modestly sized lights. Do not opt for chandeliers with pendants, but rather balloon or Venetian chandeliers. In the hallway or main entrance, why not install a baroque-style LED chandelier? Be careful not to let the lighting hang too low, lest you hit your head on it often. As for the bedroom chandelier, you should opt for one with a lampshade, in order to obtain a soft and warm light.

A lighting rustic and modern

The chandelier is ideal for vintage style houses. According to the trends, there are now lighting that add a modern touch to the device. Presented in coppery and golden tones, you will find vintage LED chandeliers. Rustic wood ligthing also exist. To better bring out the style of the house, you have to play on the furnishings and other decorative elements of the room.