Living room chandeliers

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The sleeker lines and elegant designs of our extensive collection of living room chandeliers will bring a refined elegance to your living room. Discover it in our online shop.

Functional, practical and stylish, living room chandeliers, which once adorned old-fashioned rooms, are making a comeback today with sleeker lines for appropriate lighting and optimal living room decoration. Discover the new designs of these types of decorative chandeliers, which will bring chic to your living room.

Elegance in the living room with our chandeliers

Period fashion is making a comeback. The living room chandeliers that once hung from the ceilings of vast medieval halls are the current trend at lighting , combining functionality, practicality and incomparable aesthetics. They can provide general illumination to the room, or targeted or localised light to a specific area of the room, such as the coffee table, the sofa, or the fireplace area, for example, depending on the height of the chandelier. When placed in the middle of the living room, they are sure to attract the attention of your visitors with their very stylish and elegant decorative touch, especially if they are large. However, if your living room is small, choose a smaller chandelier that does not have many arms.

Living room chandeliers with noble and warm materials

While copper, crystal and glass were the main materials used for chandeliers in the past, today's models, designed with other materials such as acrylic, wood, resin fibre, metallic silver and brass, are added to these classic materials. For subdued lighting, models with small shades will replace the multi-bulb chandeliers of yesteryear in the living room to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

As for the designs, you will find countless attractive and functional halogen styles on our site, as a change from the classic incandescent lighting. Technically, our living room chandeliers are easy to install as they come with hanging supplies.

Tips for buying a chandelier

Before choosing the right chandelier for your living room, make sure you choose the one that perfectly meets your expectations in terms of brightness, size, colour and design. The whole should be in total harmony with the setting and furniture of your living room, but also with your image. In any case, all our chandeliers are of high quality and manufactured according to European standards. If you order on our site, you will benefit from free delivery and relevant advice on the assembly, maintenance and cleaning of your chandeliers in order to restore their shiny and lustrous appearance. So, for a mainly aesthetic use, let your taste and your inspirations in terms of decoration speak for themselves by opting either for a chandelier with pendants, lampshades, with several arms, wired or with contemporary patterns for your living room, which you will find in the catalogue of the site.