Living room ceiling lights

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Add character to your living room with a new ceiling light. A living room ceiling light or a pendant light will focus the light on your living room, while the flush style will suit small spaces. Check out our extensive collection.

Illuminate your home with our beautiful collection of living room ceiling lights. Browse our collection to find the right ceiling light for your living room.

When you begin your search for a living room ceiling light, the choice can be overwhelming. You will have a wide range of choices including hundreds of sizes, light levels, finishes and installation options. Brushed nickel, antique brass and patina iron are the types of finishes you can expect to find in modern ceiling lights. These finishes are often combined with glass shades treated in different ways that affect the way light is projected. For example, ceiling lights with patterned frosted glass shades provide bright LED lighting while creating eye-catching patterns on surrounding surfaces. Start your selection process by understanding the type of ceiling lighting you need.

Different types of living room ceiling lights

Size is of paramount importance when choosing a living room ceiling light. Depending on where you plan to install the fixture, you will have a variety of options available to you. Start by carefully measuring the area of a ceiling light installation or replacement. Keep in mind that the diameter and height of the light are two of the most important dimensions. The pendant light of the fixture also depends on where it is installed.


With so many types of lighting options to choose from, you are forced to find the ideal lighting for your space. But knowing exactly what is right for your space is up to you. Would you prefer the lighting to stand out from the rest of the room or to blend in with the overall look of the space? Do you like a splash of colour to draw your guests' attention? Or something that matches the colour scheme already present in the room? Here you'll find ceiling lights in all colours and finishes, giving you the right option for your mood.