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Our Ceiling Fans: wide choice of ceiling fans at the best prices

Discover our wide collection of ceiling fans, for your dining room, your kitchen or your bedroom. Designed to create an artificial wind without noise, accompanied by lighting in the form of a globe, tulip or Spotlights, they will be very useful as well as being design.

Firstly, when we talk about fans,we always refer to the atmosphere within a room. Ceiling fans, for example, are electronic products designed to create an artificial wind without noise, accompanied by lighting in the form of a globe, tulip or Spotlights.

Description of the ceiling fans

Typically, these ceiling fans consist of a bracket, a motor and a light bulb or chandelier in the middle, and two to five blades. These can be made of wood, metal, aluminium or plastic. In addition, they come in a variety of colours to differentiate the attachment of the propellers. Its motor is powered by electricity and hangs from the ceiling of the place where it is fixed.

Due to its ergonomic design, it is possible to manage the speed of rotation of the propellers. Indeed, they are controllable using an infrared remote control. Easy to handle, it allows to stop the movement of the propellers, slow down or accelerate their rotary movement or simply adjust the ignition of the central bulb. It is thanks to the speed of rotation of the propellers that the distribution of the heat in the room is variable at wish. Apart from the speed of rotation of the propellers, it is also possible to vary the inclination of the device so that it occupies only a minimum of space. It is to be noted that this manipulation promotes in parallel a controlled diffusion of the light. It can be oriented downward only or upward only or alternately downward and then downward.

What does a ceiling fan do?

This two-in-one fan is both an indispensable lighting to provide a subdued atmosphere indoors. In addition to providing a cool atmosphere, it projects a soft light that creates a sense of calm throughout the room. Another notable advantage of this device is its ability to balance the room temperature by pushing down the warm air and drawing up the cold air to the ceiling. Of course, this process depends on the location of the unit in the room.

Advantages (and disadvantages) of these ceiling fans

Other significant advantages of this unit include the systematic cooling and heating system provided. Using only the remote control, the user can control the speed of the blades and the temperature of the ambient air depending on the season. In addition, the diameter and inclination of the propellers ensure the performance of the ventilation system. It is more economical as it consumes less energy compared to other fans on the market.

Unfortunately, frequent use of this type of fan a has some significant drawbacks, including colds and allergies due to the humidity in the air. a If the fan is not properly maintained, there is a high risk of dust accumulation at the propeller level, which will then be diffused throughout the room, thus reducing the level of unhealthiness of the air.

Easy to install and operate and effective in creating a pleasant indoor atmosphere, this ceiling fan is a must for improving the air and atmosphere in a room.