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The industrial style is one of the most popular trends in interior design. Sleek, sober, mixing textures and materials, combining low cost and chic, this particular style borrows its architectural codes from the 1950s. Are you looking for new ideas to change your interior? Do you like a modern and uncluttered style? Do you like original and contemporary objects? You will find your happiness in this collection of industrial style trend objects.

Industrial design: a factory style

Inspired by old factories during the industrial revolution, this design was intended to be solely functional. Nowadays, it a has been transformed and adapted to a new form of interior design. This style appeared for the first time in the 1980s in the United States, with the large New York lofts. It a today conquered the whole world: this particular and purified style becomes a true art object. Correlating sobriety and comfort, this type of decorationa will not finish surprising you.

Industrial lighting is mainly made of metals (aluminium, iron, etc.) and is sometimes combined with leather or wood. This mixture produces a relaxed atmosphere in a room.

Our industrial lighting can be adapted to any room in your home

Decoration is always the illustration of a personality. In order for our products to meet your wishes, our range is composed of different types of lighting fixtures so that each room has its own particular atmosphere.
If your room allows it, the industrial ceiling lamp will enlarge the space by the light it gives off. LED, pendant light or neon, you will have the choice to combine comfort and softness with this type of product. For places with little space such as corridors, nothing better than an industrialwall lamp that blends into the decor. Discreet, the brightness can adapt to the atmosphere you want to give off in the space.
Opt for an industrialpendant light or an industrial chandelier if you want to create a casual atmosphere. If you have a high ceiling, there is no better way to add authentic interior design to the room.

Enjoy our collection and make your choice according to your taste!