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Our industrial chandeliers and industrial style chandeliers at the best prices

Give your lighting a trendy look with the characteristic industrial chandelier look. These exceptional designs offer a bold finishing touch with smoky metallic details and clear glass shades.

Place an industrial chandelier in a contemporary living room or kitchen for beautiful decoration and to increase your productivity in a flash.

Theindustrial look has been in vogue for some time. Inspired by early machine and industrial era designs, the industrial chandelier features details such as vintage style bulbs, rust (and increasingly trendy brass and gold) finishes, decorative pulleys, gears and other machine age accents.

Why do we love industrial chandeliers?

The industrial style of design evokes raw beauty at its best. The unpretentious nature of the metal hardware and confident bare bulb elements that characterise industrial ceiling lights pave the way for a design that resonates equally well in a large estate or studio.

Industrial chandeliers instantly change the mood of your home, taking the atmosphere to a whole new level of awareness. Contemporary chandeliers are a far cry from the lighting options of the past. These cutting edge fixtures offer both form and function, providing lighting as well as a look that transforms the aura of your home.

Where to put your industrial chandelier?

Modern chandeliers are no longer resigned to the space above the dining room table. Today's homes are showing discerning taste by introducing chandeliers into other areas for a dramatic and bold impact. Industrial ceiling lights shine brightly in large rooms and halls, drawing attention without detracting from the mood of the home. These lights also bring a picturesque touch to the bedroom, enhancing the quality of the decoration and visual feeling. Outside the home, industrial chandeliers bring raw emotion to the overall design scheme of public places such as restaurants, hotels and other places of interest.

Choosing the best industrial chandeliers

Industrial chandeliers offer an expressive look that doesn't blend or fade into the background. No matter what your personal style dictates, you can find a contemporary chandelier to express your aesthetic intentions. First, consider where you will hang your chandelier and check the measurements. Make sure the height and diameter of the chandelier will match the size of the room.

By adding the length and width of the room to the diameter of the chandelier in inches. To find the right size for an appropriate lighting , consider the height of the ceiling in the room and whether there is furniture underneath the chandelier. Make sure the cord allows enough length for where you want the chandelier to hang. Finally, identify the design elements that interest you most and choose one of the modern chandeliers that matches your sense of style.

If you like these industrial chandeliers, you may also enjoy the look of similar lighting styles. Consider the rough and edgy flair of wall lamps industrial wall lights, offering a deliberate aesthetic appeal. By emphasizing different corners of the room, industrial track lighting can also enhance the layers of light in your home.