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Lampe de chevet industrielle et lampe de chevet style industriel : faites le bon choix

Give character and personality to your bedroom by opting for a lighting that is both essential and resolutely trendy: discover the industrial bedside lamp! Transform your night space by bringing a touch of elegance and modernity.

More than a simple light source, the bedside lamp must be chosen with care. Indus style, this small piece of furniture will adapt to all interiors and give birth to a warm contemporary atmosphere.

Industrial design: a sure thing!

Dare to break the codes and prefer contrast! Your lighting bedside table chosen in the industrial style will successfully impose its pure, modern and contemporary look, even in the cocooning universe of your bedroom.
Industrial style furniture is one of today's major trends because it perfectly combines finesse, sobriety and elegance.

The minimalist-inspired Indus element also has a timeless character.
The chic metal material can be mixed with the noble wood for a truly modern piece of furniture.
The lighting industrial furniture alone brings a lot of character to your sleeping area and personalizes the place by giving it a touch of originality.

The industrial bedside lamp: the essential element of your bedroom

Particularly functional, the light of your bedside table must also have an aesthetic character, for a complete coherence in your bedroom.
As an integral part of the decoration, the industrial bedside lamp brings optimal lighting to the headboard, thanks to its cleverly thought-out raw design.
Its modern look also allows it to be transported from one place to another: it can be used as a side lamp in a kitchen or a living room in particular.

Toutes nos lampes de chevet sont confectionnées dans des matériaux solides, arborent un design soigné et original. Plusieurs tailles de luminaires sont disponibles, pour s’adapter à chaque table de nuit. Qualité et fiabilité sont nos maîtres-mots : tous nos produits sont certifiés conformes aux normes européennes en vigueur.
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