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Our designer bedside lamps at the best prices

With a designer bedside lamp, your nights will never be the same again. Whether you want to finish a novel before closing your eyes or gently plunge into the world of dreams, this decorative lighting is far from dispensable. How could you live without it all this time?

Comfortably installed on a bedside table, a design lamp watches over your nights. Decorative, functional, the bedside lamp is the light that gently accompanies you to the magical worlds of Morpheus. It can also be particularly beautiful.

What is a bedside lamp?

As its name suggests, the bedside lamp is intended to sit proudly at the head of the bed. Placed on a bedside table, this lighting lamp is appreciated for its very decorative aspect. Of course, it is very useful for doing some activities before going to sleep, but if it is so popular, it is first of all for its unusual appearance.

Top trends in designer bedside lamps

It is out of the question to choose a basic-looking bedside lamp. It's time to have some fun with the designs of the greatest interior designers.

A simple way to achieve this is to opt for a designer bedside lamp with an original base. Whether it's chrome-plated, thin, tubular or geometrically shaped, an unusual lamp base will instantly add elegance to your environment.

For Scandinavian style fans, there are bedside lamps that harmoniously blend wood and natural materials. For a guaranteed effect, invest in a bedside lamp where wood and opaline merge delicately.

Do you want to enter a bubble of zen every time you enter your room? If so, you should definitely go for a ceramic bedside lamp. Evoking the serene temples of the East, it will make you want to sing "ohm" and let yourself be carried along by life. An ideal state of mind to (finally) get rid of stress.

In a more theatrical style, there are also bedside lamps that take up the codes of lighting fixtures or Floor lamps. Anchored firmly to the ceiling or floor, they add structure to your sleeping area. Another major advantage is that this modern lighting gives you the freedom to use all the space on your bedside table as you wish.