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For the perfect atmosphere in your room, choose an LED bedside lamp. Discover our large choice at the best price.

It is essential to illuminate a room, especially if it is used on a daily basis, and the LED bedside lamp is precisely the best source of light for your bedroom. The LED bedside lamp can provide the best source of light in your bedroom and will complete the atmosphere of the room while providing perfect lighting in the evening.

Prioritise the LED bedside lamp

Nowadays, times are changing and with it comes new things, new things that follow the trends and are at the same time ecological. Discover the advantages of the LED lamp and all the benefits it can bring.

Placed on the bedside table, the bedside lamp is a lamp that allows to light a small part of the room without disturbing your partner. The LED bedside lamp is ideal for this purpose, because thanks to its LED bulb it can provide a good light output, which guarantees optimal brightness for the eyes during the night. Not to mention that it is recyclable and therefore follows the environmental standards, as compared to halogen or incandescent bulbs which are harmful to the latter. It is therefore better suited for long term use with a long life span.

Characteristics of an LED lamp

Generally having the E14 base for bedside lamps, and a power ranging from 4 to 50 Watts, it remains powerful while being economical. Its colours can vary from : Very warm white, warm white, neutral white, cool white, RGB (an automatic colour shift in the red-green-blue colour spectrum).

They are designed to last longer than other lamps, with an average life in hours typically ranging from 15,000 hours to 30,000 hours, leaving some years before they need to be changed. Most LED lamps also offer options such as :

  • Lamp with touch control,
  • Lamp with timer,
  • Night light (lamp that changes automatically according to day and night),
  • Lamp with integrated baffle (allowing you to listen to songs while illuminating the room).