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Our Spotlights and LED projectors at the best prices

There are at least three advantages of Spotlights and LED spotlights. It has to be said that consumers are no longer satisfied with functional furniture and home accessories, they want inexpensive decorative items.

There are several reasons for choosing our lighting devices, especially projectors and Spotlights. These include the power output, power consumption, operating mode, shape and, above all, the ability to last over time and space. It should also be noted that we are increasingly considering the ecological side of our devices.

Projection with LEDs

The LED is an electronic component that emits light by the process of luminescence. It is one of the most efficient, economical and durable light sources. By combining several chips, the number of LEDs can vary from one equipment to another. And this number can go from one chip to hundreds of chips for projectors. They ensure the possibility of saving money because they work at least 10 times longer than a halogen bulb. LED technology is the one that avoids the problems of overheating of projection lamps. It offers low energy consumption and high resistance to shocks, vibrations, etc.

Why LED floodlights?

There are several types of projectors, using different projection techniques. The led technology is the one that offers the best definition. For the choice of the definition of its projector or sound SpotlightLED devices offer several possibilities depending on the need for use. And the needs differ depending on whether we project mainly the image such as presentations type Powerpoint, spreadsheets, etc.. or video. In addition, these projectors do not heat up and their consumption is very low. Their lifespan can vary up to 30,000 hours depending on the lamps used. This is about 4 to 6 times the life of traditional lamps in conventional projectors. There is a no need to change the lamp after a certain number of hours of use.

This kind of device is the ideal tool to make your photo or video projections in public places or in groups. Moreover, the LED technology allows to reduce the size of the device, which will make it mobile and thus easily transportable. Other advantages of using these projectors are that they can be turned on and off without any special precautions. They are less difficult to cool down and their operating noise can be reduced. They are very compact and light, ideal for mobile use. They are therefore the best choice for professional use of projectors, especially for use on the move. Do you need a projector with instant start, good reliability or insensitivity to repeated switching on? LED floodlights are your ideal choice.