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You want a kitchen that is bright and equipped with the latest models from Spotlights. By installing it in your home, you will discover that the kitchen will be reborn and become a convivial place to spend good times together. Discover all the latest collections from Spotlights kitchen to light up your living space!

The role of Spotlights in a kitchen

The Spotlights are functional lighting systems, used to add artificial light and to complete the decoration of a kitchen. Equipped withan LED bulb, the installation of Spotlights at specific points in the kitchen allows to illuminate an area and to carry out tasks easily. Depending on the inspiration of the interior designer, the Spotlights can be suspended, hung like a wall lamp, embedded in the wall, sometimes lined up under furniture.

Thus, the result of each installation will be different. You may find, for example, that Spotlights recessed and installed at ceiling level can create ambient light. If they are placed above the sink or at cupboard level, they will add light when searching for an object or cleaning dishes. The Spotlights hanging lights, on the other hand, are decorative objects that add tone to the colours of the kitchen.

What types of Spotlights can be installed in the kitchen?

Not all models of Spotlights are suitable for all kitchens. Depending on the inspiration of the decorator and the Model sold on the market, each Spotlight a has its own functionality. The Model ultra-slim, for example, is used to illuminate a small work area. The advantage of this type of Spotlight is that it is discreet and does not disturb the user.

There are also directional models which, once installed and aligned, create ambient light in the kitchen. They can also be used to illuminate a particular area such as the sink of a faucet, the location of kitchen utensils, dishwasher trays, etc. Other models of Spotlights require a stand and become a decorative addition. If you choose models from Spotlights in our shops, you can have them delivered free of charge in mainland France or in a relay point.