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Our LED Desk Lamps at the best prices

Are you sure that the lighting in your study room is optimal? Find out how to choose the right LED desk lamp that will be kind to your eyes but ruthless against procrastination. Under its benevolent light, you will enjoy working late at night... Who would have thought it?

How many hours do you spend sitting at your desk? For many French people, this is an impossible question to answer. You are so busy at work that you hardly have time to look at the time. Fortunately, your desk lamp is designed to protect your eyes...

Why choose an LED lamp for your office

There are three main categories of desk lamps in the supermarkets: LED, fluorescent and halogen. However, all opticians agree on one point: the LED desk lamp is the most suitable for long working hours.

Of all the bulbs, it is the most environmentally friendly. However, it is nota ashamed of its performance. On average, it has a life of around 50,000 hours, which is achieved without overheating. TheLED bulb is resistant and non-polluting, two assets that should not be overlooked.

With a minimum wattage of 5W, the LED bulb provides just the right amount of light for an office. Powerful without being harsh, its lighting is ideal for hard workers or bookworms.

Discover the different models of LED lamps

By opting for an LED bulb, you have made the right choice. However, one question remains: what type of lamp will have the honour of sitting on your desk? Will you opt for the classic table lamp, with its timeless look and proven effectiveness? Or will you bend the knee to the incredible mobility of clamp lamps?

In addition to these two attractive models, there are other lamps that are just as practical. These include USB lamps and models with articulated arms. With so many possibilities, it's hard to choose...

When purchasing your LED desk lamp, consider the current atmosphere in your office. Also, what about your learning habits? If you have to move around or turn sideways frequently, you may appreciate a lamp with clamps or articulated arms. Only you can make the right choice, so don't make a mistake...