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Our Designer Desk Lamps at the best prices

Combining style and functionality, the designer desk lamp combines work and decor: in addition to a sleek look, our models compete in flexibility to offer you customised light. Find the perfect option from a wide range of base and clip-on lights. Free delivery!

A little jewel of innovation, the desk lamp is a design object thanks to a neat silhouette combined with the latest technological discoveries. So you can read or work in the best conditions at home.

The designer desk lamp: a perfect line!

Voluntarily minimalist, design office lighting likes geometric bases, no-frills arms and rectangular or conical diffusers. All of this in a palette of sober colours that are naturally conducive to concentration: pure white, light grey or anthracite, deep black... However, the most daring models can also feature bright colours, such as red, yellow or petrol blue, to bring a cheerful, pop touch to your office.

Ultra-functional work lights

The designer desk lamps are very practical, operating wirelessly after charging via USB, standing on perfectly stable bases or clipped to the edge of the table with well thought-out clips. On the lighting side, fixed-head models are ideal for illuminating small offices or for complementing the light on computer screens. Swivel-head lights are ideal for large desks and for writing on paper, as they can illuminate pages with precision. And desk lamps with articulating arms allow you to move the lighting perimeter to suit your needs - the best choice for drawing on large surfaces! And to give you optimum performance, many models also have built-in LEDs or dimmers.