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Miroirs design

Our designer mirrors: a wide choice of designer mirrors at the best prices

In the living room, bedroom, dressing room or bathroom, a design mirror enhances the effect of a style. Its presence enlarges a room very simply by adding an original touch. Discover our large collection of design mirrors in our online shop.

Mirrors are an integral part of any self-respecting design. These accessories can dress up an environment, easily complete a decoration or enlarge a room. There's something for everyone, whether you're the type to admire your portrait or simply to decorate your home.

A design mirror for a personalised decoration

A mirror is an essential part of your home to make a style statement. You can choose from a wide variety of shapes, either free-standing or wall-mounted. Oval, round, rectangular for the classics, the design mirror adopts many modern and original figures. It can be shaped like a tree, a sun or organised in multiple small round mirrors assembled for maximum effect.

The best thing is to choose a shape that suits your desires and fits in with your interior.

A Both practical in function and decorative in style, the mirror has all the extravagance to please you.

A designer mirror at home to assert your taste

A designer mirror is an accessory whose style can be very contemporary thanks to geometric designs, for example. Large straight slats will give your room an industrial look for a raw and structured decoration. On the contrary, if you prefer original objects, a destructured mirror will give a trendy touch to your interior while playing with the luminosity.

You can also play with the materials to suit your decoration. Your mirror can be made of wood, metal or fabric. With beautiful white feathers, for example, your mirror will gain in elegance and can find its place above a chest of drawers. A mirror becomes a beautiful object, which should be chosen with care. Multiplying them is currently very trendy. Putting a few mirrors in your home guarantees to decorate your rooms elegantly, regardless of their size.