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Our designer table lamps and table lamps at the best prices

Contemporary, trendy and chic, designer table lamps add a complementary touch to your decor and enhance the warm atmosphere of a room with their accent lighting. In different materials, colours and shapes, they will enhance your interior.

Add a special atmosphere to your home by integrating a lighting such as a table lamp. Not only will it bring more light into the room, but if you choose a designer model, it will become a decorative accessory in its own right.

Decorate and illuminate your home with a designer table lamp

When it comes to decoration, lighting should not be overlooked. A light fixture lighting, whether in the centre of the room or in a corner, will transform the space. A designer table lamp, for example, in addition to the luminous flux it provides, has a decorative power if it is well chosen. Indeed, you can find several models of table lamps, all different in their style and graphics. This small accessory can give your home a new look in record time, and for a small budget. If you want to add some relief to your decor, you can also take a table lamp. To do this, place this device lighting near an element that you want to enhance, such as a bookcase, an antique armchair or a house plant in an XXL pot.

A table lamp, like any other lighting , can also bring a warmer atmosphere to your home. To do this, you should not choose a lamp with an all-white light, but rather a model with a blue or red light.

The different types of designer table lamps

If you have decided to integrate a table lamp into your interior, you will now have to choose the Model. There is no shortage of models on the market and you will surely fall in love with a particular Model . However, you can't choose just any design table lamp. There are a models that are designed to be placed on furniture. They are also called "table lamps", but they are smaller in size and have a shorter base.

You will also find floor lamps and in this collection, you can find lamps that have cubic or round shapes diffusing a soft light halo and lamps that are purely decorative with a particular shape.

The ideal size for your table lamp

It is difficult to define the ideal size of the designer table lamp to take, because it depends on the piece of furniture you are going to put it on or the way you are going to use it. If you are going to place your lamp on a small piece of furniture, it is better to take a small lamp as well. The larger lamp is more suitable for larger furniture. Once on the furniture, the height of the lamp and the furniture should not be more than 150 cm.

As for the floor lamp, it is wiser to choose a lamp with a long enough base so that it is not invisible in the decor.