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Lampes de bureau vintage

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Our vintage desk lamps at the best prices

They are everywhere, vintage lamps are blooming in interiors, lighting up everyone's desks, whether they are young or old. Discover this trendy phenomenon, this return to the old that is now at the forefront of fashion.

A At a time when decorating is inspired by the old, the vintage desk lamp is "the" must-have piece in your home. In the blink of an eye, it can easily decorate your entire room and take it to a whole new level.

The vintage trend, an art of living

Vintage is a return to the past, a vision of the past that has come back into fashion. What was current in previous decades is now fashionable. But why this trend? Because at a time when recycling has become second nature, when pollution is a real problem, it is topical to conserve and use the materials of yesteryear, to consume better. This is how the vintage trend was born, the one that brings back to life old furniture, clothes or... lamps.

A multitude of vintage desk lamp models

Whether made of steel, brass, wood, glass or even lace, industrial, seventeen or fifties inspired, the vintage desk lamp comes in all colours and shapes. Thanks to its inspiration from yesteryear, it gives a boost to your decoration by bringing in a combination of brightness and chic. Dare to use the removable floor lamp, the brass lamps that remind you of the chic years or the table lamps in sparkling colours, orange, yellow or both. Why not let yourself be tempted by a little sunshine in your daily life?

Combine your lamp with retro light bulbs for an even more striking style, dare to use curtains, furniture or pictures with a touch of yesteryear which, when added to the lamp, will give a deliciously vintage touch to your interior. The lamp of your childhood, the one that adorned your grandparents' office, can now be found in your home, for a delicious return to the past. So, it's up to you...