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Our Scandinavian bedside lamps and Scandinavian wood bedside lamps at the best prices

With the Scandinavian bedside lamp, design even comes to the foot of the bed! Recognisable by their pretty light wood and their sober silhouette, the small Nordic lights have everything to please. Find the model that's right for you from our extensive collection.

When the warmth of wood is combined with the modernity of pure lines... The Scandinavian-style bedside lamp is a real design object - which does not forget to offer lighting suitable for night-time reading!

The unique look of the Scandinavian bedside lamp

The Scandinavian table lamp with its beautiful wooden base brings a very natural look to the bedroom. It is creative and can be adapted from a tripod base to a circular or angular base to fit into any interior and on any bedside table, whether it is narrow or spacious. On thelampshade side, the colours are preferably clear, between pure white, pale grey and delicate beige. The materials used are fabric, which filters the light so nicely, or metal for a more contemporary effect.

Precise, subdued lighting for reading in bed

The Scandinavian bedside lamp not only looks good, it also does a great job of lighting. Are you looking for a lighting to warm up your bedroom at bedtime? Models with fixed, conical or cylindrical shades are perfect. Would you prefer a lamp that can be turned so that you can read comfortably? Scandinavian lamps with flexible heads provide very effective lighting without dazzling you. And so that you can devour your "reading pile" without having to empty your wallet, we offer free shipping on all our lamp models!