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Our pendant lights and pendant lights at the best prices

Seduced by the clean and masterful lines of the pendant lights ? Find out how to choose the one that best suits your interior. Despite its elegant look, the pendant light Scandinavian a knew how to stay close to the people. In fact, it is possible to find one for every taste and budget.

To say that Scandinavian decoration a is on the rise is a sweet understatement... On the shelves of stores, creations inspired by the Norwegian art of living are jostling each other. Tempted by a pendant light Scandinavian ? Find out how to choose the right one.

Take into account the dimensions of the room

A pendant light is not a lighting like the others... Floating in the sky, it brings a note of poetry even in the most modest interiors. However, it is an accessory to handle with care at the risk of burning the wings...

What is the surface area of the room?

The first factor you need to consider is the size of the room. In a small space of just 10 square metres, it is advisable not to exceed a diameter of 40 cm. Otherwise, the lighting may be more of a nuisance than a decoration.

In large spaces (i.e. those larger than 20 m2), however, choose ceiling lights with a diameter of at least 60 cm.

What is the purpose of the pendant light ?

Would you like to illuminate your study table with a Scandinavian pendant light ? If so, don't hesitate to lower it to 1.6 m from the floor. In rooms where there isa regular movement (bedroom, living room, kitchen, ...), it is preferable to raise the pendant light Scandinavian to 2.15 meters above the ground.

Adapting the style to the function of the room

Once the practicalities are out of the way, it's time to let your creativity run free. To give your guests a warm welcome, install a Scandinavian pendant light in the entrance hall. If you opt for a woven Model , they will immediately feel at home.

In the living room, it's a different matter... Show off your guests with massive or cluster-shaped lighting. If you're a fan of industrial style, you'll opt for aluminium or wrought iron models that are as beautiful as they are robust.

Kitchen and dining room are two other rooms that should be decorated with care. In the kitchen, opt for diffuse but soft lighting. In the second, follow this professional decorator's advice to the letter: preferably, the pendant light Scandinavian should be equivalent to 1/3 of the dining table.

Finally, there is the bedroom... This is the room where you join Morpheus. This is the place where you get rid of all your worries. It is a cocoon of well-being where nothinga matters.

To maintain this intimate, relaxing atmosphere, use a fabric lighting . The fabric will soften the light, making it easier for you to rest.

At this point, only one question remains: where will you install your first pendant light ?