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Our Scandinavian ceiling lights and Scandinavian wooden ceiling lights at the best prices

Fancy some Nordic lighting? Very trendy, the Scandinavian ceiling lamp gives pride of place to wood in modern forms. Whether it has one or more shades, it offers you a functional and warm light. Discover the new ceiling lamp for your bedroom or living room from our 100% Scandinavian collection!

A touch of wood, a little white, well thought-out lighting... The Scandinavian ceiling lamp a has everything you need. At the top of the trend, it can light up any room, with or without a dimmer.

The Scandinavian ceiling lamp: a beautiful play on materials

Wood is a distinctive feature of Nordic lighting, and is readily used on the bases and sockets of Scandinavian-style ceiling lights. Natural, authentic and aesthetic, it brings a warm touch to your lighting and your decoration. But the Scandinavian style also likes the modernity of metal or the softness of fabric, which diffuses a particularly pleasant light. This gives you great combinations of materials, for ceiling lights that are both contemporary and original! Whatever the Model, Scandinavian ceiling lights are also distinguished by their discreet colours, which dress up your ceilings without overdoing it: light wood, matt black, dove grey, pure white, beige... They can be matched with all wall colours, furniture or curtains, while letting the light take centre stage.

Sober luminaires, magnified light

Scandinavian luminaires come in all shapes and sizes, often with integrated LEDs, for efficient lighting. Round or square ceiling lights go straight to the point: their minimalist format projects an overhanging light, perfect for lighting large living rooms, bathrooms or rooms that require maximum visibility, such as the kitchen. Would you like to personalise your lighting or create a real light show with a lighting ? Ceiling lights with several round or conical shades, placed in a circle or in a row, are your best allies: articulated models allow you to direct each lamp in the desired direction, for very precise and glare-free lighting. The Nordic ceiling lights with dimmers follow your wishes and the time of day, switching from bright to soft light.