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Our wall lamps and wall lamp Scandinavian wood walls at the best prices

A touch of light wood for a warm and modern lighting, that's the charm of the Scandinavian wall lights wall lamps . For a Nordic-style decor, discover our fixtures: whether conical or cylindrical, they fit in any room!

On the decorating planet, the Scandinavian style is a sure bet. Natural but graphic, it warms up our interiors with great style. Need an accent lamp? The wall lamps Scandinavian lamps are the trendy answer to your needs!

The wall lamps Scandinavian murals: a history of wood

No lighting without a touch of raw or varnished wood! Accompanied by a base or arm in pine, beech or oak, our wall lamps lampshades are simple, for an ecological and welcoming decoration. As for the lampshades, they are available in metal, with an industrial touch, or in fabric, for subdued lighting. In terms of colours, white, the flagship colour of Scandinavian decoration, is in the limelight! However, wall lamps Nordic people also like light grey or beige, which go perfectly with wood.

Which wall lamp for the living room or the bedroom?

If you're looking for a reading light to place near the bed, choose a Model with direct downward light: it will illuminate your pages while protecting your eyes. In all reading areas, mobile arms and swivel heads are ideal for tailor-made lighting! As for wall lamps , they are ideal in the corridor, placed alone or in a row. And to create atmospheric lighting in the living room, think of translucent diffusers: with their multidirectional and glare-free light, they will gently watch over your Scandinavian sofa.