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Our Scandinavian chandeliers and wooden chandeliers at the best prices

Chandeliers are making an unexpected comeback as a decorative item in the home. These decorative lights have the advantage of being adaptable to different interior styles. Do you want to give your home a clean look? Choose the Scandinavian chandelier which combines style and practicality.

Today, chandeliers are more than ever essential to enhance the style of a home. They can take many forms, from the most rustic to the most sophisticated. Of course, no Model can beat the Scandinavian style chandelier for sober interior decoration.

Focus on the evolution of chandelier design

Wooden chandeliers were popular in the Middle Ages. At that time, they were more restricted to the role of lighting. From the 15th century onwards, their size increased and metal chandeliers became popular. They were available in many forms and soon became a symbol of wealth. Almost three centuries later, these lights were adorned with pendants and prisms to appear more luxurious. In addition, manufacturers continued to increase their size, conscious of the impression of luxury they gave off.

Today, models with a particular style such as the lighting Scandinavian are gaining in popularity. Decorators are using them to give a sleek look to a furnished interior. In addition, chandeliers are perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere in the living room. In a bedroom, a Scandinavian chandelier helps create an intimate atmosphere.

Why choose a Scandinavian chandelier?

This style of decoration was born in the 1930s. Its principle is based on simplicity and purity of form. It is similar to the minimalist lifestyle that is currently gaining popularity. The Scandinavian style subtly combines unbridled creativity with a strict lifestyle. In concrete terms, there is a no need to talk about a Scandinavian chandelier as such. The idea is to integrate the chandelier, being a decoration lighting, into a Scandinavian style.

Thus it is above all a question of choosing the chandelier to be integrated in such a style. For this, keep in mind that the Scandinavians want to be quite close to nature. Metal or chrome are then perfect, as they are quite raw materials. They allow the desired baroque effect to be achieved easily. Otherwise, a crystal chandelier can brighten up an interior dominated by wooden furniture. To avoid incompatibility, just be careful to adapt the diameter of the chandelier to the size of the room. This question of proportionality is very important from a visual point of view. In terms of colour, opt for more sober shades such as white or creamy beige for your chandelier.