Industrial pendant lights

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Our pendant lights and pendant lights industrial style at the best prices

Here's a collection of pendant light industrial defining style, both powerful, confident and inspiring for home decor, the industrial chic trend is magnified by the convergence of several modern lifestyle choices: the popularity of the open, airy, urban loft look and an unquenchable thirst for vintage objects.

Rooted in history and yet at the cutting edge of modernity, the pendant lights industries date back to the era of handicraft, updated for today.

Incorporating the classic industrial style of 19th and early 20th century factory fixtures, the pendant light vintage industrial adds timeless charm to contemporary spaces. With features such as exposed bulbs or classic finishes like aged brass, antique bronze and brushed nickel, these pendant lights and pendant lights vintage will enhance your rustic charm. Browse our industrial style pendant lights with exquisite designs.

Why do we like pendant lights ?

Introduce industrial quality items into your home's decor with this well-chosen selection of hanging lights. Industrial themed design a has been a popular decorating style in recent times and any of these pendant lights can help you to give your home that extra sparkle. Once a lighting style for warehouses and gyms, you can now add these striking fixtures to kitchens, living rooms and other areas of the home. Consider pendant lights industrial for your next makeover.

Where does industrial lighting work best?

While most believe that this style of pendant light is primarily designed for commercial spaces such as large restaurant kitchens, warehouses or gymnasiums, these fixtures have no problem fitting perfectly into residential spaces. Kitchens are an ideal choice for placing some of these fixtures and you'll enjoy stringing mini industrialpendant lights over your island. The dining room, usually with a large chandelier, can also house a large industrial counterpart.

Offices also benefit from a refresh with one of these lamps, especially when used with table lamps and arm lights that follow the same decorative theme. Finally, if you are looking to add some illumination to your Spotlight commercial space, these pendant lights are a top choice for interior designers looking to capture that highly desirable urban industrial aesthetic.

How to choose the best industrial pendant light ?

Just like choosing a ceiling light for your home, you'll need to pay close attention to the sizes of the fixtures in this collection. The pendant lights vary greatly in size and shape, so it's essential that you first measure where you plan to install the fixture, and then look at its dimensions, including height, width, diameter and length from pendant light (how far does it hang from the ceiling?).

Once you have a size in mind, you can narrow down your options based on the colours and finishes that will best suit your home. While chrome, nickel and concrete finishes are often associated with industrial looks, you'll find a multitude of colourful patterns that can be used to give your rooms a vibrant feel.