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Our industrial clocks: a wide choice of industrial wall clocks at the best prices

Treat yourself to a clock with industrial style, trendy and retro charm. Made of iron or raw wood, it will brighten up your kitchen or living room with its distinctive loft design. Industrial wall clocks feature large numbers contrasting with long, thin iron hands.

Industrial clocks are invading homes creating a loft or warehouse style. They match any decor from rustic to modern. Their huge dial catches the eye as soon as you enter the room.

Industrial clocks with a contemporary twist

Industrial design is accessorising our homes in bits and pieces or in numbers. Wall clocks no longer just tell the time, they add style to the room. Industrial wall clocks provide a clear view of the time with their large numbers and clearly differentiated hands.

Long and thin, they mark the hours gently, without making any noise. A loft or warehouse atmosphere emanates from the clock, which seems to have come straight out of a disused factory. The time is ticking away, revealing for some of them, their heart, their mechanism with gears that turn slowly.

Buy an industrial loft clock

On the site, the guaranteed clocks follow European standards. The manufacturers are known for their know-how and reliability. The materials used are of high quality. You will find clocks in raw wood, in metal, each with its own look, the factory and warehouse spirit is very present.

Several models are presented in each category: Roman numerals and Arabic numerals; blank or solid dial; visible or discreet gearing and from classic to XXL size. The wall clock will look great on your wall and will immediately set the tone of your home. To order, click on your favourite clock and let us guide you. You have the choice between several payment methods and you should know that on the site, the delivery costs are free.

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