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Our Rattan chandeliers at the best prices

How about a bohemian, chic and natural lighting ? This is an original, unique and stylish item to enhance your interior. Rattan, wicker or bamboo chandeliers will do the trick. Moreover, these are the chandelier trends of the moment.

A rattan chandelier is a unique choice for your interior decoration. Indeed, if you want everything to be original in your cosy cocoon, a rattan chandelier is at the top of the trend.

The special feature of a rattan chandelier

This Model from lighting bamboo has been everywhere in stylish interiors for some time. An exotic style pendant light is the perfect item that will add that little extra something to the room, whether it is a living room, bedroom or even a kitchen. For your information, rattan is a natural material derived from a plant found in equatorial Africa. It is indeed a kind of liana belonging to the palm family.

Nowadays, rattan is increasingly used to design decorative items. Always considered a noble and classy material, rattan makes an excellent raw material for chandeliers. As a result, the lighting rattan ceiling chandelier is enjoying a resurgence in popularity among households thanks to its design and the bohemian and cosy feel it provides. In fact, the pendant lights rattan chandeliers perfectly combine aesthetics and practicality with the natural aspect of the material.

A rattan chandelier for a stylishly decorated interior

Like the bamboo chandelier, the rattan chandelier is special because of the unique look it has. Indeed, the best thing about the rattan chandelier, like the bamboo chandelier, is the fact that it plays with shadows and lights in order to give more volume to the room and bring a relaxing style. Often with a large LED bulb in the centre, it a also has the primary role of lighting the entire room. Hanging over a dining table, a living room or a kitchen work table, it brings that soft light we are addicted to.

However, the pendant light rattan is more than just a light source in a room. Yes, because of the light effects it provides, it is often used in relaxation rooms.