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Give in to the irresistible charm of rattan lighting! Inspired by ancestral traditions with forgotten origins, this lighting a has no equal in warming up rooms. Trendy, it only asks to sublimate your interior.

Do you dream of creating an authentic and warm atmosphere in your home? If you answered yes, you will love the lighting rattan... Naturally sophisticated, this fibre lighting automatically adds charm to your home.

Where to install a lighting rattan?

Let's face it: rattan is not a material that is suitable for every room... As a woven material, it does not tolerate moisture or greasy substances.

In fact, installing rattan in a kitchen is not a good idea at all. Once the oil gets into the knots, it will be extremely difficult to remove. Similarly, the bathroom and open-air areas should be avoided.

However, if there isa one place where you absolutely must put a rattan ceiling lamp, it is in the living room or dining room. In these living spaces, their harmonious curves distill the good mood with refinement. Visually, rattan is light, minimalist and above all extremely trendy.

What are the common shapes of rattan lights?

The fact that rattan is so popular with interior designers is largely due to the ease with which it changes shape. Do you dream of a rattan chandelier that lets the light in through its many holes? It's perfectly feasible.

Rattan is one of the few materials capable of giving shape to all desires. pendant lights It can be used as a table lamp, table lamp, wall lamps... Whatever shape you dream of, with rattan it's child's play to achieve.

What to combine rattan with?

How easy it is to create a harmonious decoration with rattan... Because of its wild nature, this material blends perfectly with wood, white and neutral colours. Haven't you noticed how much it is present in Scandinavian-inspired decorations? Its shimmering colour is ideal for adding soul to interiors that are not very colourful.

And that's not all... For Indiana Jones joggers, rattan is the perfect material. Indeed, it is perfect for recreating the wild atmosphere of the jungle. With chlorophyll green, it perfectly captures the mysterious atmosphere of the vast Amazonian wilderness.

Why choose rattan?

Impossible to close this article without mentioning this crucial point. Today, many materials are used in the manufacture of lighting. Aluminum, wrought iron, plastic, wood... Never the consumera had so much choice.

However, very few convey the same emotion as rattan. Hand-woven by craftsmen, it immediately evokes distant, exotic lands, where men have been repeating the same gestures for centuries. In addition to being natural, rattan does not weigh heavily on the scale and allows the creation of refined styles that are not stuffy.