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Our fabric chandeliers and chandeliers lampshade at the best prices

With its many branches, the chandelier a always looks good. And in the fabric version, it also gives off a very soft light, which makes any room more beautiful. Find the perfect lighting for your living room or bedroom by browsing our wide selection of fabric chandeliers.

Particularly warm, fabric chandeliers are a great way to update the old-fashioned chandelier. They are very effective at dimming the light and can be used on both classic and modern models, to match any ceiling.

The elegant charm of classic fabric chandeliers

Fabric shades on classic chandeliers come in attractive conical or pagoda shapes, which allow for optimal downward light distribution. They rest on graceful curved or even scrolled structures and are not averse to beads and refined details - ideal for lighting cozy or romantic rooms!

The beautiful sobriety of modern fabric chandeliers

Iconoclastic as they are, contemporary chandeliers are distinguished by a silhouette that is as pure as possible. Fiercely minimalist, their structures leave the main role to the lampshades, often cylindrical, and their coloured fabric. Kissing red, pop orange, chic beige, delicate pink, mysterious black... A wide range of colours are available. Enough to perfect the decoration of any current interior. And whatever model you choose, shipping is free!