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Our chandeliers dining room at the best prices

To better enjoy your time during the mealtimes, you need the right design and the right brightness for the dining room. The chandeliers for dining room invites itself over the table to illuminate the family or friends gathering. Make your choice from our wide collection.

To ensure a friendly atmosphere around the table, bet on a dining room chandelier that is both practical and aesthetic. Some rules of installation of the pendant light are necessary to better enjoy a good meal.

Firstly, an exact distance between the bottom of the chandelier and the table ensures comfort. This distance takes into account the volume of the room as well as the ceiling height. Thus, for a room of less than 10 m2 with a ceiling height of 2.20 m, a distance of 80 cm is preferred. For a large room, the height is at least 100 cm. By respecting these standards, we are sure to have lighting whose light beams do not dazzle the eyes. For this reason we have height-adjustable chandeliers

To make it easier for you to buy your dining room chandelier, you should also know that the choice of a chandelier depends on certain criteria such as the style of furnishing, the colours of the dining room, the position of the electrical sockets and of course the desired atmosphere. The lighting itself offers different types of lighting. There are a chandeliers with both soft and bright light. For example, design or modern chandeliers made of different materials such as metal, wood, glass, acrylic or fabric can be used to enhance a contemporary space.

For an interior with a rustic charm, we propose you some chandeliers with the same style. Crystal chandeliers fit perfectly in spacious and classic interiors. Otherwise, our sober pendant lights will make look your interior too simple. With one or more bulbs, our chandeliers consume less energy.