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To ensure a beautiful lighting in the rooms of your house and at the same time an elegant and classic decoration, the crystal ceiling lights are of the best effect.

Just like in medieval ballrooms, equipping your home with crystal ceiling lights can give your home a majestic and luxurious look. This type of ceiling light a has been reinvented to combine its medieval air with the modern design of today's contemporary lamps. Sitting in the middle of the ceiling, this lighting is an eye-catcher and a real crowd pleaser.

Crystal ceiling lights in all shapes

Manufacturers have not lacked imagination. There is a plethora of crystal ceiling lights on the market to suit every taste and interior style. From the most classic to the most designer, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, from the smallest to the largest. The choice is wide. Ceiling lights with pendants are of course traditional. They are characterised by beautiful crystal pendants that hang from the ceiling. Round or square in shape, these ceiling lights are ideal for large rooms, such as the living room. There are also more designer ceiling lights. These are the branch-shaped ceiling lights. They often have gold or silver arms, with small crystal lamps of various fancy shapes (flowers, round, heart, etc.) attached to the ends - and sometimes along the arms. The most simplistic ones have crystal shades in the shape of a saucer or cylinder. Alternatively, there are also ceiling lights in various original geometric shapes.

Crystal ceiling lights: a unique light show

Apart from its kingly appearance, its sparkle is one of the main reasons why a crystal ceiling light is so popular. The falling pendants provide a beautiful cascade of light that immerses the home in a hypnotic and magical atmosphere. The crystals filter the light, allowing for a more or less subdued atmosphere. But you can also find ceiling lights on the market that produce coloured light. This is due to the choice of the colour of the crystals in the lighting. It is therefore possible to create a light in shades of blue, violet or yellow, turning the interior of the house into a mini Las Vegas of colour.

Some ceiling lights are equipped with a transparent lampshade with coloured LED bulbs. A Using a remote control, it is possible to change the colours of the lighting.

Luminaires that guarantee elegance

A crystal ceiling light ensures that the room in which it is installed is refined. lighting luxurious and elegant, the crystals that compose it will provide a royal and imposing air; while adding a little softness to the interior. These ceiling lights will find their place in any large room of the house; and can also illuminate corridors and the entrance hall with grace.

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