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Our Floor lamps lounge and standing lamps at the best prices

To embellish your living room, choose a Floor lamp . Ideal in a corner of your living room or close to the sofa, a Floor lamp will bring you indirect lighting with a soft and comfortable cocooning atmosphere. Discover our collection.

Whether in metal for an industrial style, in wood to bring out a Scandinavian look or in LED for a more contemporary look, it will fit perfectly in your living room.

Harmonise your interior design with a Floor lamp .

After all, nothing should be left to chance when it comes to decoration. This light idea will add the finishing touch to your interior design. Transportable from one room to another, the Floor lamp can be used as a reading light and night light. The light it emits is usually quite soft and provides a decorative area that helps to structure the space to create a pleasant optical impression. The Floor lamp living room lamp not only provides a warmly subdued light, it also enhances your interior design. For your reading sessions or romantic evenings, opt for a Floor lamp in the shape of a bow. This type of lamp will give you the right amount of privacy and its discretion will not disturb other people in the room.

If you are mainly concerned with decoration, choose the metal models which are both sober and pure. Combined with a large carpet, it will be perfect for a modern interior. The same goes for those with a paper lampshade , which will add a touch of elegance and distinction, and at a low price.

Choose the right Floor lamp for your living room

You can choose between vertical light columns, arched ones with elegant curves, multi-lamp ones and those with indirect lighting with reading light option. In addition, there are various options and design diversity. If you want to emphasize the decorative side, opt for models with lampshade or those made of paper.

If you are looking for practicality, you should choose a Model multi-lamp with flexible Spotlights which allows you to cover several areas to be illuminated at the same time. The fascinating shape of the Floor lamps arches makes them both a reading light and a striking decorative item. The Floor lamps with indirect lighting and reading light provides light for long-lasting reading. The Floor lamps LED living room lights are known not only for their long service life, but also for being very economical.

Economical living room Floor lamps

This has resulted in several LED models, each of which offers excellent energy efficiency. The light provided by a Floor lamp LED is similar to that provided by a traditional bulb. However, it consumes very little electricity and has a much longer life. Indeed, the life of a Floor lamp LED can be up to two decades. It is available in several wattages, in different colours and with a variety of temperatures to choose from.