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Our Living room carpets : large choice of living room carpets at the best prices

Do you want to warm up the atmosphere in your living room? Give style to your interior and opt for a modern and quality living room carpet! Discover a wide range of living room rugs: berber, shaggy, vintage etc. You will have the choice among many styles!

The carpet is an essential decorative element! In an open-plan living room, it can also be used to visually delimit the living room area from the dining area. It is also the ideal element for creating a cocooning space.

Tips for choosing the perfect living room rug

Finding the ideal carpet is above all giving in to a love affair! But be careful, there are a a few rules to follow in order to choose your rug without any false notes!

To achieve a harmonious result, it is essential to think carefully about the size of your carpet. If your living room is quite spacious, a carpet that is too small will not have much effect. Choose a large carpet. You can choose any shape of carpet. On the other hand, in a small room, a carpet that is too large may give the impression that the room is too busy and cramped. Choose a round rug.

Choosing a living room carpet also means taking into account its style. It must be in harmony with the style of the furniture you already have. Fortunately, there are styles that are perfect for all interiors.
The Berber carpet, for example, is a carpet with an ethnic pattern, often made of white wool. It is perfect for industrial, boho or Scandinavian style living rooms. It will immediately give you the impression of travelling. The graphic rug is a rug with geometric patterns. It is suitable for all styles of decoration. To choose it, simply make sure that the colours used in it are similar to those already present in your living room.

Finally, don't forget to consider the material of your carpet. There are two choices. You can opt for carpets made of natural fibres such as wool, cotton or leather. These are the most pleasant to the touch but also the most expensive. Alternatively, you can opt for rugs made of synthetic fibres, which are less expensive but also less comfortable. They are also easier to maintain.

How to position your carpet in the living room

In your living room, the carpet is a floor covering. It is usually placed under the sofa and left to cover the coffee table. That's why it's important that your carpet is the same length as your sofa. In a smaller living room, or with armchairs, you can opt for a round rug that you position in the centre of the room, under the coffee table for example.