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Our decorative mirrors: a wide choice of decorative mirrors at the best prices

Need more volume and light? Hang a decorative mirror on one of your walls and let the magic happen! Round, oblong, in wrought iron or wood... This real object of art deco knows how to blend into the room and fulfill the desires of its owner.

Discover our large collection of decorative mirrors and our advice on how to enhance your interior with these products.

A decorative mirror to satisfy all your desires

A nautically inspired bathroom would not be complete without a decorative porthole mirror. Every morning, you'll want to shout "Heave-ho! Santiano!" even if it means angering your neighbours.

For city dwellers who wouldn't leave the tarmac for anything in the world, the large mirror in the form of a glass roof is an obvious choice. Taking its cue from urban lofts, it combines modernity and minimalist aesthetics. Today's pin-ups all swear by their make-up mirrors with large inlaid bulbs. Both vintage and practical, it transports its users to the glamorous Hollywood boulevard. Marilyn Monroea will have to be careful!

The mirror, a real Swiss Army knife in the world of decoration

If you had to describe all the possible uses of a decorative mirror, a lifetime would not be enough. It does more than reflect you back. It brings light into the darkest rooms. It adds character to even the dullest rooms. It is indispensable. Quite simply. Yes, you read that right. You can't afford to be without this piece of ice. Can you imagine leaving the house without a last look at your overall appearance? Of course not. How can you be sure that your clothes are not stained or damaged?

Beyond its purely utilitarian function, the mirror is becoming a real masterpiece. Designers have been busy over the last few years, and it's up to the designer to come up with the most original model. Wood, greenery, bronze, glass... All these materials are combined in a decorative mirror to delight the eye.