Sun mirrors

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Our Sun Mirrors: a wide choice of sun mirrors at the best prices

If you are looking for a retro yet contemporary object to give a new look to your interior, the sun mirror is the one for you. Discover our large collection of sun mirrors at the best price.

As the name suggests, it is a designer mirror in the shape of the sun, which means that the object cannot escape the attention of guests.

The sun-shaped mirror: a decorating trend for ages

The sun-shaped mirror has become a cult object and design since the 1950s. It was mostly found in our grandparents' homes. A "has-been" object for many decades, this model of mirror continues to be a hit among interior design objects. Indeed, just like clothing fashion, interior design also looks to the past for a retro and original touch. As a result, the sun-shaped mirror is now very popular with home decorators.

This model of mirror will undoubtedly bring a Scandinavian, exotic or Art Deco style to your interior. When it comes to decoration, more natural objects reflect the originality and authenticity of a room, these criteria have made the sun-shaped mirror a perfect decorating must-have.

How to mix a sunburst mirror into your decor?

Among our selection of sun mirrors, you will have many choices on the size and the model. The steel or copper version of the sun mirror will fit perfectly into an ethnic, art deco or design interior. The vintage version in wicker or rattan, varnished or raw, is perfect for retro, pop or Scandinavian decoration. In addition to adapting to different decorating styles, you can combine the mirror with other mirrors of similar style. In a room, the sunburst mirror can be installed anywhere and in any room, be it in the living room, the bedroom or the hallway.