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Our Wooden clocks: large choice of wooden wall clocks at the best prices

Particularly warm, wooden clocks bring a natural and authentic touch to your home. Browse through our wide selection of items in all sizes: from wooden wall clocks to free-standing models, they will fit perfectly with your decor.

Thanks to their 100% natural material, wooden clocks add charm and character to any decor. Sometimes classic, sometimes modern, they multiply styles, species and sizes without ever forgetting to be functional.

Various wooden clocks for a harmonious decoration

The greatest advantage of wooden clocks is certainly their beautiful natural grain. Our solid wood or veneered models are available in light or dark colours and can easily be combined with pine, acacia, cherry or walnut furniture. Sometimes varnished or lacquered, they also know how to be chic in order to better highlight your interior. Versatile, our pretty wall clocks can be hung anywhere: above the sideboard in your living room, on the kitchen wall, near the bed...

Our table clocks can be placed on any piece of furniture. We offer clocks of all sizes. To ensure that your clock has the best effect, simply take into account the size of your room: large living rooms need large models...

Rustic or contemporary? The wooden clock in all its forms

When you think of wooden clocks, you think of the beautiful clocks of the past that used to hang in the living room or the dining room. Our classic clocks give you the opportunity to rediscover this authentic charm: with their sober frame and their Roman numerals, they will give a lot of elegance to your decoration. If you like the shabby chic style, you will certainly fall for a wooden clock with white lazurel: both fresh and slightly kitsch, this charming clock will go well with your immaculate furniture and your liberty cushions. But the wooden clock will also seduce you if you prefer modern interiors: embellished with a touch of metal and simplified lines, it suddenly takes on an industrial look, always in the air of time.

And when it is purified to the extreme, even without numbers, the wooden clock knows how to find its place in the rooms, even the most modern. As for our openwork clocks, they combine refinement and fantasy: enough to make you melt if you like objects with character!

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