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Our wooden mirrors: a wide choice of wooden mirrors at the best prices

Resistant, graceful, the wooden mirror is the essence of elegance. Discover our large collection of wooden mirrors of all sizes and shapes at the best prices to embellish your interior, living room, dining room or bedroom, with taste and refinement.

Wood is one of the most complete materials available. Its solid texture does not detract from the sensuality of its touch. On the contrary... Bringing wood into your home is like leaving the door open to the warmth of nature. Combining it with a more modern material such as glass leaves you speechless, to say the least... Resistant, graceful, the wooden mirror is the essence of elegance.

Why decorate your home with a wooden mirror

Wood is a timeless material that is not about to disappear from our homes. Versatile, its strength of character does not erase that of the other decorative elements. In fact, it delicately highlights their beauty and reveals their curves.

Usually, even with major work, a coat of paint is enough to give it a new look. Have you decided on a pink and magenta living room? A brushstroke on your wooden mirror and it's perfectly integrated into the new atmosphere.

Timeless, wood a has survived all fashions and crossed the ages. Buying a wooden mirror is investing in a decorative object that will not leave you soon.

5 good reasons to play with wooden mirrors in your decoration

1. A wooden mirror is not just beautiful. Placed next to a window or skylight, it floods the whole room with daylight.

2. If you don't want to buy a wooden mirror for fear of visually narrowing the space, you're wrong! By reflecting your surroundings, it will give a sense of depth.

3. Hang a pendant light made of mirrors from your ceiling and admire the effect. Visually, playing with mirrors allows you to gain height under the roof.

4. Don't lose sight of the main purpose. A wooden mirror is above all useful for looking at yourself, even admiring yourself. All in style.

5. A well-positioned wooden mirror is what you need to achieve a designer interior. Your house will become so beautiful that your guests will not want to leave it...