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Originating in southern Asia, bamboo a has found one of its most attractive creations in the form of lighting. Extremely flexible and strong, it can be used to create highly original designs. These bamboo lights, and the soft light they diffuse, add a touch of romance to your home.

Bamboo a has found its place in all forms but let's face it, lighting is the spoiled one. The incredible diversity of bamboo lighting creations is worth a look.

Bamboo is in the wind

Nowadays, bamboo stalks are harvested all over the world. This curious and long plant is light but very strong. Bamboo is highly prized by craftsmen and can grow up to 20 metres in height, but it is its flexibility and manoeuvrability that appeals most to creative artists. The possibilities of bamboo in terms of various works are enormous, but several varieties exist. Bamboo is mainly used to make furniture of all kinds. Dazzlingly natural, bamboo lighting fixtures are a visible inspiration to lamp designers. This kind of smooth wooden material is popular and many people are fascinated by this exotic style. Bamboo is the "new Eldorado" for craftsmen who swear by this natural tool, which has been tamed by man and can be used for many purposes. Bamboo is beneficial for the design of furniture and art lights, but it is also favoured for larger structures, such as sheds or even houses.

A lighting made of bamboo

Whatever its design, a bamboo ceiling lamp will provide warm lighting for your entire room. Whether in a living room or a bedroom, it will match your other bamboo furniture but perhaps also furniture of a different style, such as a sideboard and a vintage table. You can also vary the atmosphere by installing coloured bulbs. Some colours give lighting bamboo a rather romantic look. It's up to you, with the right lighting.

pendant light and bamboo chandelier, the king's choice!

A pendant light bamboo or a bamboo chandelier will beautify your home. The shadows cast by a Model bamboo chandelier of your choice will give your room a nice atmosphere with effects. Soft or bright light, this will depend on your desire or your mood of the moment, day or night.

For your interior walls, a wall lamp bamboo is very practical in places that are not always well lit, such as corridors, staircases, or entrances. The creative side is even more developed when it comes to wall lamps. There are many variations in the shapes, and you will be sure to find something to suit your taste, as the models are so different from each other.

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