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Lampadaire en bambou : faites le bon choix

The Floor lamp made of bamboo is the best way to add a warm atmosphere to your home. Its lighting offers you an attractive and graceful brightness to create a comforting atmosphere in your home. Discover the collection.

Although there are decorative lamps on the market, the Floor lamps bamboo lamps are singularly attractive with very authentic designs. They come in many different models and styles to bring a Scandinavian feel to your home!

The bamboo material

The properties of bamboo (flexible, durable and noble) leave enough room for a variety of handcrafted designs. As a result, this natural material is increasingly becoming part of our daily lives. The material is of great interest to designers because it is original, highly decorative and, due to its naturalness, quite in tune with the times!

To achieve an authentic result, the bamboo fibres are carefully selected and then woven to create beautiful, harmonised structures. The fibres are strong and woody, yet soft and light. In addition to all these characteristics, bamboo is a modern material. It brings stability, warmth and serenity to every interior. Its structure survives the years without any variation in colour and retains its elegance despite the passage of time.

Produced with professionalism and ancestral know-how, the Floor lamps bamboo collection is multi-faceted, with graphic, simple or extravagant designs. You will also find in this range the Floor lamp rattan, suave and very modern. The choice of the type of variation is up to you, as it depends on your personal taste.

Floor lamps in bamboo with light and beauty

With a contemporary and poetic look, the Floor lamps are surrounded by hand-woven bamboo slats and arranged in a unique pattern to complete the seductive look of the accessory. Both a source of warmth and a sublime decorative element, the beauty of the material transports you to a natural and exquisite universe.

The lighting in bamboo fills any desire for change of scenery and serenity. Generally associated with relaxation and well-being, this plant a soothing and restful virtues. With its tropical look, it softens the atmosphere of a room or a stay. In an entrance, the Floor lamp in bamboo brings a zen tone and rest to make you feel like in nature. The diffused light is soft and warm to create a relaxing environment even in a professional environment like cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, galleries, etc.

This is a real invitation to the exotic. Bamboo has many appealing qualities and is a sensation in any interior. Thanks to its clean lines, it is the perfect embodiment of a natural vintage style, easy to integrate everywhere for a touch of timeless glamour!