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Our bathroom mirrors: large collection of bathroom mirrors at the best prices

Used several times a day, the bathroom mirror is an essential piece of equipment in the bathroom. Discover our entire collection of bathroom mirrors at the best price on our online shop.

In order to make the right choice of bathroom mirror, various criteria should be taken into consideration. The reflection in the mirror must be perfect and without distortion. The design should match the style of the bathroom.

Wide selection of high quality bathroom mirrors

There are several types of bathroom mirrors to suit individual needs and requirements. Standard mirrors often have a frame with folded edges. Frameless versions are fixed to the wall with hooks and pegs. They can also be hung with decorative chrome steel elements. Held together with double-sided adhesive, this accessory is also used to create a mirror wall.

Magnifying mirrors are ideal for enlarging the areas of the face that need to be waxed. Alternatively, you can opt for dedicated make-up mirrors. Equipped with low-voltage LEDs, they remove any shadowy areas on the face. Functional, it can be plugged into an electrical socket. The mirror cabinet is a good alternative with the mirror installed on the door. It is practical for de-cluttering the bathroom as it also serves as storage space.

The mirror as a decorative element in the bathroom

Bathroom mirrors come in many shapes and sizes. Rectangular and round mirrors have a larger viewing area. Three-dimensional and triptych models offer the possibility to see oneself from all angles. Their original and authentic style brings a modern touch to the decoration.

The material chosen also determines the atmosphere of the shower room. Exotic wood and driftwood provide a warm decor. Stainless steel and epoxy steel are preferred for their modern and trendy look. Wrought iron provides a rustic and romantic style.

Those who like technology can opt for a connected bathroom mirror. It is equipped with built-in speakers. The music fills the whole room to create a relaxed atmosphere.