Bathroom pendant lamps

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The bathroom is an invitation to relax, it is also an intimate place that allows each person to find themselves and take care of themselves. Lighting, such as the pendant light bathroom, plays a major role in providing the desired atmosphere and making it functional.

The pendant light bathroom brings a good luminosity. Also, it is able to give a touch of elegance to this room. The lighting diffused by this type of lighting offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, immersing the room in a euphoric, warm and cocooning atmosphere. The interest of opting for this kind of lighting does not stop there because the diversity of models gives everyone the opportunity to choose the article of his choice, according to his desires and needs. It is an excellent object of decoration which contributes to the embellishment of the places.

In addition to the design, there are several other elements that must be considered to ensure the quality of the lighting. Installing it in the bathroom requires a high protection rating to ensure it is waterproof. According to the standard, IP44 is the minimum required to resist water splashes and humidity. The color rendering index or CRI must be close to 100 for a good lighting close to daylight. The color temperature allows to have a neutral or warm light. For the first, the temperature is between 4000 and 4500 K. On the other hand for the second, that is to say for the warm light, it is evaluated at 2500 to 3000 K. With these criteria and the wide range of products available, everyone will undoubtedly find the ideal pendant light for the bathroom.